Covid-19 Pandemic Policy - 

Since 23rd March, in line with the scientific advice, we have remained open to a priority group of young people, those who are children of critical workers and vulnerable students. As we are now accepting more students back into the centre we have some key procedures and policies that have been implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, parents/carers, staff and visitors.

Contact Details - 

Parents/Carers must ensure we have up to date contact details and inform us of any changes immediately. Parents/Carers must be contactable whilst your son/daughter is on site with us.

Welfare Calls - 

We have been and will continue to complete welfare calls for all students who are not on site.

Refusal of Entry

The Headteacher retains the right to refuse entry to any student or staff member if they are considered to pose a risk to the health and safety of others. This includes individuals that we suspect to be showing symptoms of Coronavirus.

Covid-19 Symptoms -  
* New or Persistent Cough,
* Fever and/or chills,
* Difficulty breathing,
* Sore throat,
* New loss of taste or smell.
This list is not exhaustive please contact 111 for further advice and support.
We will actively remind all students throughout the day of all the information below - 

~ Stay 2 metres from other students (if this can't be met it will be 1 metre)                Masks will be worn at all times

~ Wash hands regularly using soap and water. Blue roll will be available,

~ Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth,

~ Cover their mouth using tissue or inside elbow when sneezing,

~ Students will not be wandering around the building.

While students are on site we have implemented the following - 

~ One way system around the building,

~ Increased regular cleaning arrangements,

~ Hygiene and hand-washing stations around the building,

~ Personal Protective Equipment worn by staff and available for student use,

~ Desks in the classroom are spaced to allow for distancing as much as possible,

~ Individual resource packs per student while in the classroom, 

~ Reminders and visual aids placed around the building,

~ Visitors including schools, parents and carers by appointment only,

~ All staff, students and visitors must have temperature checks on arrival and wear masks at all times when on site.

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it - 

All staff and students are given clear expectations about sneezing and coughing, tissues are available and bins are emptied daily.

 Students will be reminded to avoid touching their mouth, nose and eyes with their hands as much as possible.

Managing Suspected Cases of Coronavirus on Site - 

Parents/Carers must be contactable whilst your son/daughter is on site with us. If your son/daughter begins to display symptoms of Coronavirus, they will need to be collected from us immediately. Parents/Carers will need to make prior arrangements for the collection of their son/daughter as they will not be allowed to travel on public transport/taxi services. Anyone who is suspected of having Coronavirus will be moved to a ventilated room where they can be isolated behind a closed door. We have facilities available to immediately isolate anyone who begins to display symptoms.