Developing Futures Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe, interesting and stimulating environment,
  • Referrals/Schools contact Parents/Carers with any behaviour, attitude, attendance, effort or learning issues,
  • Treat all students in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner,
  • Provide regular targets, reviews and reports,
  • Attend meetings both internal and external for students.

Centres Discipline 

All staff are engaged in the maintenance of good discipline. Students are aware that disruption to the learning of others will not be tolerated. 
We will look to address disruptive behaviour in a variety of ways. Our emphasis is on support rather than sanctions however we recognise that often behaviour management requires both approaches. 
A positive relationship with parents / carers can have a positive impact on a students behaviour.
We do not issue detentions our sanctions are issued as followed:- 
  • Pool ban during a break or lunch time, 
  • Being sent home,
  • Suspension from 1 day up to 1 week, 
  • Loss of privilege ie. computer access if not been used for learning purposes.

Students Taking Photographs and / or Videos

We support a number of students from a wide range of backgrounds including students who have been moved out of area or who have to attend provision within a different area, this could be for their own safety. 
To protect these students one of our major rules is that students do not take photos or videos, including Snapchat or Instagram stories whilst on site even if they have the other students permission. We cannot be sure who is in the background, where the photo has or will be sent or who may see the photos. 
We ask that parents / carers support this rule to protect all students while at centre. 
If we suspect a photo or video has been taken or sent and cannot be sure it has been deleted or if a student refuses to delete a photo or video, we have a duty to report this to the Police.

Parental Responsibilities

  • Ensure your child attends as expected and arrives on time,
  • Contact us on 01302 343 924 or key-workers if your child is to be absent,
  • Ensure your child attends in clothing as explained due to nature of the work that will be carried out by the student during the sessions in the workshops,
  • Support the centre by reinforcing our code of conduct and expectations, 
  • Support the sanctions set down by the centre to help their behaviour, 
  • Attend meetings and reviews,
  • Respond to letters and / or phone calls,
  • Inform centre promptly of any problems your child may have, 
  • Keep the school/us informed of any change in home circumstance.

Student Responsibilities 

  • Attend centre on allocated days and arrive on time,
  • Be prepared to follow instructions,
  • Work to the best of their ability during both practice and classroom sessions,
  • Respect others both staff and students, - Abuse will not be tolerated
  • Do not carry, consume or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance while attending centre,
  • Do not carry or be in possession of any offensive / illegal weapons,
  • Respect the centre and its property,
  • Support the centres anti-bullying policy,
  • Follow the code of conduct,
  • Accept discipline issued for broken rules.